Fully-engaged with shoppers?

How (and why) do Shopitize users engage with brands?

Nobody (I think!) disputes that engagement is now the key battleground and one of the key measures in marketing directly to shoppers. But what is true shopper-engagement and perhaps more importantly, how do you make it pay? Every day I see lots of beautiful examples of FMCG brands practising digital customer engagement, offering all kinds of benefits and experiences from video recipes to augmented reality, Facebook competitions to virtual factory tours but I’m often left wondering if anyone in the process has forgotten what the ultimate customer engagement is….. a purchase. It remains the most (only?) bankable measure of engagement and yet I’m often seeing it entirely absent or at best, enabled through a digital-only mechanic (and thus irrelevant to at least 80% of the shopper audience).

Not great from a ROI perspective certainly but also bad business in many other ways. What has the customer actually had to do or demonstrate in order to receive their content or experience? How is a genuinely “loyal” customer who buys your product regularly, being offered something any different to the buyer of a competitor brand who simply likes your free recipes? Is there a measure of what impact this “engagement” has had on either of these parties in terms of how much more likely they are to purchase your products?

The key to shopper engagement and all “interactive” marketing is mutual reward. By selecting from a wide range of offers that are reflective of their verified shopping histories and profiles, Shopitize users’ rewards are ‘earned’ when they engage with brands on a variety of levels and go on to purchase their products.

Accessing product information, content marketing, answering a product/behaviour question or sharing with their social network is rewarded by the brand with a discount which can either be related to that one engagement or which increasingly, can be a more sophisticated reward for a pattern of purchasing or behavioural change on an individual basis (increased frequency, switching from competitor products or purchasing multiple products from that brand.

Users accumulate rewards either in a single shopping session or over periods of time prior to their shopping trips (by creating a shopping list of product rewards) and then redeem these post-trip to receive an accumulated cash payment directly to their bank or PayPal account.

Because Shopitize captures the entire shopping receipt not just those items qualifying for a reward, we are able to very quickly build-up a deep shopper profile of a user’s product preferences and their shopping behaviour including location, retailer, type of store, day and time of shop. Added to the detailed answers that they have provided to the questions that they have answered, we believe we have the most detailed and actionable real-time shopper marketing and insights resource available in the UK today.

In terms of where the developing Shopper Marketing opportunities lie and the disciplines and techniques which will decide success on the FMCG balance-sheet, we have ensured that we can deliver measurable results across the entire process:




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